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As you may already know, Bulk Fabricated Products is a leader in Bulk Feed Trailers. We design, develop, and produce just about anything you need in metal, steel, and aluminum. Below are just a few of the products we have built. On average we have assisted in the development of new product or part once a month! Click on a product for more information.
Bulkliner Feed Trailers
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Bulkliner Feed Trailers Bulk Fabricated Products

Bulkliner a leader in the production of bulk feed transportation equipment. With more than 30 years of trailer building experience, our staff of industry professionals can meet all your needs from initial design and construction to full service parts and repair. Bulk Fabricated Products produces the Bulkliner one of the lightest most durable bulk feed trailers in the market.

Bulkliner custom builds each trailer to the customer's specifications.

Bulk Fabricated Products was started May 1, 2001 to supply world-class parts, design, manufacturing and fabricated work. Bulk Fabricated Products wide range of capabilities allows for low to moderate volume custom fabricating and part production.

Through continuous improvement and equipment enhancements, Bulk Fabricated Products has become a leader for low volume laser cut and formed parts for the recreational vehicle and lawn & garden industries.

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